Easily Rent a Road Bike in Paris

  • Use a website like BikesBooking.com to compare prices and book your road bike rental in Paris. This will save you time and ensure you get the type of bike you want, especially during peak season.
  • Book your rental online in advance whenever possible. This can be cheaper and guarantees you the specific bike you desire.
  • When picking up your bike, bring a valid ID, credit card, and comfortable cycling clothing. Consider bringing a helmet for safety (even if not mandatory) and ask for a test ride to ensure a proper fit.
  • Be familiar with traffic laws in Paris before you ride. Cyclists must ride with traffic and yield to pedestrians. Consider a bike map or GPS for navigation and explore routes online or ask the rental shop for recommendations.

How to Rent a Road Bike in Paris

Select a bike rental company

I understand why you want to rent a road bike in Paris.

Paris is a beautiful city to explore on two wheels, and a road bike rental unlocks a world of possibilities beyond the charming cobbled streets.

Here’s a quick guide to renting a road bike in Paris, incorporating valuable tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

There are many bike rental companies in Paris, so you can shop around to find one that offers the type of bike you want.

But the easier route to take (no pun intended) would be to use a site like BikesBooking.com

They aggregate all of the companies that rent bikes (road bikes, mountain bikes, scooters, and motorcycles) at a price that fits your budget.

Think of them as a rental car site, but for bikes instead.

They take some of the most popular bike rental companies such as Holland Bikes Tours & Rentals, 6clo, Paris Bike Company, and Rent a Road Bike,

and but all the pricing and other important data in one spot so you can rent your bike quickly and easily.

Book your bike online

Go beyond browsing just one website. 

Are you a seasoned cyclist seeking a high-end carbon fiber machine?

Or are you a casual rider looking for a comfortable road bike?

BikesBooking.com, unlike many bike rental companies in Paris, allow you to book your bike online in advance.

This is a good option if you are traveling during peak season or if you want to guarantee that you will get the type of bike you want.

It’s often cheaper to book in advance as well, saving you money in addition to time.

Rental prices can vary depending on bike quality, rental duration, and company policies.

Don’t shy away from comparing prices across different shops to find the best value for your budget.


Pick up your bike

BikesBooking.com allow online reservations, especially beneficial during peak seasons.

Secure your desired bike and avoid disappointment by booking in advance.

Provide accurate height information during the booking process.

Pack comfortable cycling clothing and shoes. Consider bringing a helmet, though not mandatory for adults, for added safety.

Lock and lights might be included in the rental or available for a fee.

When you arrive in Paris, you can pick up your bike at the rental company’s shop.

Be sure to bring a valid ID and a credit card.

Before heading out, ask for a test ride to ensure the bike is adjusted comfortably and functions smoothly.

Some Shops in Paris offer professional bike fitting, crucial for long rides or those seeking optimal performance.

Return your bike 

When you are finished with your bike rental, you can return it to the rental company’s shop.


Additional things to Rent a Road Bike in Paris

Helmet laws in Paris

Helmets are required for all cyclists under the age of 18 in Paris. Adults are not required to wear helmets, but it is recommended.

Bike Theft

Paris experiences bike theft, so inquire about secure parking options or invest in a good lock from the rental shop.

Traffic laws in Paris

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the traffic laws in Paris before you start riding your bike.

Cyclists are required to ride in the same direction as traffic and to yield to pedestrians.

Consider a bike map or GPS for navigating bike lanes and safe routes.

Explore routes online or ask the rental shop for recommendations.

Consider scenic routes along the Seine, venturing into the Bois de Boulogne, or exploring historic districts.

Observe how locals navigate the city on their bikes. Stay calm and courteous while enjoying the unique Parisian cycling experience.


Bike Insurance in Paris

Some bike rental companies offer insurance for their bikes. This can be a good option if you are worried about damaging the bike during your rental.

Consider optional rental insurance for peace of mind in case of accidental damage.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to rent a road bike in Paris and experience the charm of the city from a cyclist’s perspective. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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