How to Get into Flow State?

  • Flow State + Visualization = Manifestation: Engage in activities that bring you to a state of flow, and during that time, vividly visualize your goals with emotion.
  • Be Intentional before entering Flow State: Before you begin your flow activity, determine what you want to manifest and keep it at the forefront of your mind.
  • Flow state allows for positive manifestation: Being in a state of flow puts you in a positive and focused mindset, which aligns with the Law of Attraction and allows you to attract what you desire.
  • Positive psychology complements flow and manifestation: By incorporating practices like gratitude and focusing on your strengths, you can further enhance your positive state and ability to manifest.

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How to Get into Flow State?

  • Engage in activities that trigger flow: This could be anything you find deeply absorbing – painting, writing, playing music, sports, etc. A lot of people will tell you to meditate, and to be fair it’s one of the ways I enter a state of flow. But I also understand that meditation isn’t for everyone. So for example, if you love bike riding. You can use that time to enter into flow state.
  • Visualize your desires while in flow: During your flow activity, visualize your goals with clarity and emotion. Continuing with our bike ride example, you shouldn’t try to enter into flow state at the beginning. Your mind is still racing with the things you’ve already done earlier in the day. Wait until the middle of your journey. When your heart rate rises a bit. Then set your mind’s eye on what you want to manifest.
  • Set intentions before entering flow: Before starting your activity, set a clear intention for what you want to manifest. So back to my example, before you even get on your bike, think about what you are trying to attract. Is it a new job? A compatible partner? Is it more money? Whatever it is, have it at the top of your mind and decide before getting on your bike. So by mid-journey you are ready to focus and manifest.

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Flow State and the Law of Attraction

The Flow State and the Law of Attraction (LOA) are a powerful duo. Here’s how they connect:

Flow State is a state of complete immersion in an activity, characterized by focused attention, full involvement, and enjoyment in the present moment.

In other words, when you’re doing something and time seems to fly by, you’re in a state of flow.

During this time the self-consciousness disappears and you’re only focusing on the task at hand.

The Law of Attraction is the belief that our thoughts and feelings attract similar experiences into our lives.

This is exciting to those of us who believes in it because it gives us the ultimate control over our life and our circumstances.

Combining the flow state and the Law of Attraction

Why combining your Flow State & The Law of Attraction works for manifestation:

When you’re in the flow state, you’re in a positive and focused state, vibrating at a high frequency which aligns with LOA principles.

Your mind is not on your outside worries, doubts, fears and negativity.

You’re not worried about your bills or your children or your car breaking down.

You’re not dwelling on lack or negativity, but fully present and engaged with your desires.

All of our power is in the present moment. The past is already complete. The future is not here yet.

This positive energy is how the LOA attracts what you want.

And it’s easier to get into the right mindset for manifesting when you’re in a Flow State.

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Flow State and Zodiac Signs

Certain signs are naturally predisposed to activities that might induce flow.

And more interestingly, all signs get there, but take different paths.

For example, a fire sign like Aries might find flow in physically demanding activities.

So think about the bike ride example I gave or sports such as basketball and baseball.

Not during competition, but definitely during practice, is a great time to get into a flow state if you’re a fire sign.

Water signs like Cancer might find it in creative pursuits.

So it may be spending time in your garden or artistic endeavors that your are most likely to enter into a flow state.

Of course these are generalizations. I don’t mean to insinuate that Cancers (or water signs) can’t play sports.

Just use your specific passion and you will be just fine.

What is Flow State in Psychology?

Positive psychology perfectly complements the flow state and LOA.

In Positive Psychology, we focus on building strengths, fostering optimism, and cultivating positive emotions.

By combining the flow state with positive psychology and affirmations, you will be able to state in a positive state of mind even after you

have awoke from your state of flow.

These are all key ingredients for both flow and attracting what you desire.

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How to Stay in a Positive Mindset Longer?

Those of you who have spoken with me via email or online already know the answer.

Practice Gratitude.

Gratitude exercises such as journaling and even saying thank you to everyone you meet to smiling in the mirror can elevate your mood and vibration. putting you in a better state for flow and manifestation.

But it is also important to focus on your strengths.

Using your strengths in flow activities can enhance your enjoyment and positive energy even further.

Remember, thinking about and talking about your weaknesses is negative self talk and negative energy.

You can’t make it into the Flow State riding that wave.

Stay positive, think positive.

By combining Flow State, LOA, and positive psychology, you can create a powerful recipe for attracting your desires and living a more fulfilling life.

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