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The Journey to finding your True Love.

All relationships (from parental to romantic and everything in between) will be most healthy when you establish and accept your genuine self. 

You deserve to be happy and fulfilled in your relationships.

You will be able to build stronger relationships and achieve your goals through effective communication.

You will have enough confidence to have faced infidelity and still learn to trust in another partner.

Your love for your partner will overcome any cultural differences.

"Heaven Aint Hard to Find" - Tupac


Hi, I'm Coach Shawn, Certified Life Coach, Certified Relationship Coach and current Psy.D. student.

If you say “Love is Hard”…I’ll say “That’s because you’re making it hard”

If you say “Relationships take a lot of work and compromise…I’ll say “That’s because you’re probably not compatible.”

If you say “I love him/her, but…”…I’ll say “You should define Love, because True Love is unconditional.

I will help you make positive changes in your life and you will enjoy the journey.

Our time together will be fun and engaging, and you will look forward to it.

You are an individual so your sessions should and will be different from another persons.

My mission is to help you reach your happiness zone and live your best life.

I believe that everyone deserves access to the help they need to improve their lives and relationships.

My packages are intentionally competitively priced. Cost will not be barrier for you.

Your challenges are my challenges, let’s face them together. Your Goals are my Goals, let’s reach them together.

I’ve designed Four Programs which will positively influence your life. 

Take a look at them and contact me if you believe they will benefit you.

When you work with me, you get a Coach, Teacher and Friend.

Soulmate Magnet

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The Soulmate Magnet program is a one-on-one program that helps you attract your ideal life partner. Together we will cover topics such as:

  • Understanding your own needs and desires in a relationship
  • Identifying your relationship patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Healing emotional pain from past relationships
  • Creating a positive mindset for attracting love
  • Setting boundaries and attracting healthy relationships
  • Dating with a Purpose

However, the Soulmate Magnet program is designed to help you create a strong foundation for attracting and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship.

The program was designed by me based on my extensive experience in helping people find love based on sound psychological principles.

Are you open to Attracting your Soulmate?

If you are truly ready, click the button below for a Free Consultation

Relationship Reset

The Relationship Reset program will help you build trust and intimacy with your current partner by providing you with the tools and support you need to communicate better, resolve conflict more effectively, and overcome the challenges that are getting in the way of a happy relationship.

The program typically involve:

  • Individual coaching sessions 
  • Couple’s coaching sessions (You and Your Partner).
  • Assignments and exercises to help you learn and practice new communication and conflict resolution skills.

The specific content of the program will vary depending on the needs of the couple, but some of the topics that might be covered include:

  • The importance of trust and intimacy in a relationship
  • Communication skills: how to express yourself clearly and effectively, how to listen actively, and how to resolve conflict peacefully
  • Boundaries: how to set healthy boundaries and how to respect your partner’s boundaries
  • Love languages: how to express your love in a way that your partner understands
  • Attachment styles: how your attachment style affects your relationships

Are you committed to making your relationship better?

If you are truly committed, click the button below for a Free Consultation

Mindset Mastery

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  • Overview: The goal is for you to become aware of the negative beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back. This will be done through our Coaching sessions, journaling and reflections.
  • What you will learn: Once you are aware of your limiting beliefs, you will start to challenge them. You will learn to challenge negative thoughts by asking yourself questions like, “Is this belief really true?”, “What evidence do I have to support this belief?”, and “What would happen if I didn’t believe this?”
  • Benefits of the Program: Once you have challenged your limiting beliefs, you will feel the change within as you start to embrace empowering beliefs instead. I’ll also include daily positive affirmations, visualization and an action plan to move you towards your dreams.


Are you confident in yourself, just as you are, right now?

If you answered “No”, click the button below for a Free Consultation

Happiness Habits

The Happiness Habits program is based on the principles of Positive Psychology.

  • Overview: The Happiness Habits life coaching program I designed teaches you the skills you need to build long-lasting happiness in your life. 
  • What you will learn: You will learn to implement the five habits of happiness: gratitude, kindness, empathy, service, and positive reflection. You will also learn about the importance of positive relationships, meaningful work, and self-care.
  • How the program works: The Happiness Habits program is delivered through individual coaching sessions and journaling. The individual coaching sessions allow us to work together to develop your personal happiness plan. The journaling give you access to deeper, subconscious information to help you put the skills you learn into practice.
  • Who is the program for?: The Happiness Habits program is for anyone who is interested in increasing their happiness and well-being. The program is particularly beneficial for people who are struggling with stress and anxiety about the current state of their life.
  • Benefits of the program: The Happiness Habits program will help you to:
    • Increase your positive emotions, such as joy, gratitude, and love.
    • Reduce your negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
    • Improve your physical and mental health.
    • Build stronger relationships.
    • Find more meaning and purpose in your life.



Can you list at least 6 blessings in your life right now?

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What to Expect when joining my Program...

You are Ready to join if...

You WILL be Successful if...

What's included in your Journey...

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Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Every call is scheduled and hosted by You! Our strategy calls are a great way to constantly stay in touch to ensure you are continually making positive strides towards your goals. 

Journal Reflections

A big part of your journey will be via Journaling. Detailed responses to deep questions about yourself and your expectations.

Whatsapp Contact

Always available to you via WhatsApp and Email…including random check-ins to see how you are doing and offer support.


My programs and prices are suitable for all income levels. The only thing I ask in return is your commitment to the Program. (See the next question)

I wrote about the importance of affordable Coaching/help and posted it on the homepage. It’s that important to me because I remember being in a position where I couldn’t afford the help I needed. Price will not be the reason you can’t achieve your goals with me as your Coach.

My programs are also flexible and include Personalized Coaching, it’s not a course you have to walk through yourself.

Also, my clientele is very diverse culturally and financially. I enjoy talking to all people and that comes through in my teaching as I bring bits and pieces of everyone I meet to each new encounter.

Every Coach, Counselor, Therapist and Psychologist have different methods of ensuring their potential client is serious about putting in the work necessary from their end.

Most do so via their fees or making you put a deposit down.

My method is via engagement.

Scheduling your Consultation is just the first step you take before the session.

After you schedule the session you will receive an email to confirm the session time and date.

The final step (and Most Important) is for you to set up the virtual meeting room on the day of the meeting using whatever platform you prefer (Google Meet, Microsoft Team, or Zoom) and send me the invite.

I will join your meeting room. You will be the host.

Taking these steps lets both of us know that you are involved and ready to be proactive in your journey going forward.

As of now, we can meet via Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Whichever is easiest for you.

All I ask is that you schedule a time when you will have minimal interruptions and privacy.

Also, since this is a formal meeting, I will only take video calls via platforms that has desktop functionality. 

If you want to talk via your phone that’s ok, but I will be at my desk on a laptop so make sure to send the link using one of the above platforms, not Whatsapp or FB Messenger.

My Coaching Philosophy is based on the Law of Attraction and Positive Psychology. Just a tiny bit of what I teach…

  • Focusing on the positive: This means paying attention to the good things in our lives, both big and small. 
  • Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses. We all have unique strengths and talents. When we focus on and develop our strengths, we become more confident and capable.
  • Living in the present moment: The past is gone and the future is not yet here. The only moment we have is the present moment. When we live in the present moment, we are more likely to appreciate the good things in our lives and less likely to worry about the things that we cannot control.

Yes, 100%, period, point-blank.

The free consultation is 45 minutes. The standard sessions are 60 mins. 

All Programs (excluding the free consultation) come with email and a messenger (Whatsapp, Telegram, etc) contact information so we will be in constant contact during your journey.

No, do whatever is comfortable for you. But I will always be available via video and take all calls at my desk.

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