What Makes a Virgo Man Happy?

  • Virgo Men need to feel wanted and appreciated: Recognition and compliments go a long way with a Virgo man. Let them know you appreciate their efforts and contributions to the relationship.
  • Virgo Men crave order and logic: A messy room or a disorganized plan can create unease for a Virgo man. Their lives as well as their minds must be a clean and organized space.
  • Quality time is important to keep a Virgo Man happy: While Virgos may not be the most emotional sign, they do value quality time with their partner. Spend time together and engage in stimulating conversations.
  • Be honest and upfront if you want to win back a Virgo Man: Be genuine about your feelings and mistakes. Avoid empty promises and focus on a realistic approach with a plan for improvement.

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What makes a Virgo Man Happy?

  • Make him feel wanted.
  • Give them recognition and compliments or even a simple thank you.
  • Acknowledgment goes a long way with a Virgo Man.

Cracking the code to a Virgo man’s happiness can be surprisingly simple. Virgo men need to feel wanted.

At their core, these guys are driven by accomplishment and feeling like they’re making a positive contribution to the relationship.

If you take too many responsibilities from them they can feel helpless and that may cause wandering eyes.

Helping others, seeing a plan come together perfectly, or mastering a new skill is what I suggest as a winning recipe.

These are the things that make a Virgo man feel truly satisfied.

Virgo Men also crave order and logic in their lives. And that includes in their relationships.

A messy room might not seem like a big deal to others, but for a Virgo man, it can create a sense of unease.

The Virgo man is the type to walk inside your house and judge you by how clean it is.

They appreciate a well-organized space, a clear plan for the day, and knowing exactly what to expect.

This doesn’t leave much room for surprises.

Their structured approach also fuels their love of problem-solving.

It why many times you may tell a Virgo man what’s on your mind and they immediately start throwing solutions at you.

When all you really wanted was someone to vent to. Virgo Men are analytical which can lead to over thinking.

Don’t forget the importance of recognition, though. There was a reason I lead with that at the beginning.

While Virgo men might not always shout about their achievements, a thoughtful compliment or a simple “thank you” for their efforts can truly make their day.

That goes back to them needing to feel wanted in the relationship.

Quality time is important too. Make sure to appreciate their dedication and intelligence.

If you want to keep your Virgo Man happy, try to understand their need for order and support their goals.

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How to Win Back a Virgo Man?

  • Be Honest
  • Be Genuine
  • Admit your mistakes without pointing out his mistakes

First, forget the waterworks. He will see right through your tears.

Virgo Men are all about facts and reason. If you really want to win him back, cut straight to the chase and tell him how you honestly feel.

A well-crafted apology that acknowledges his perspective and outlines a clear plan for improvement is the way to go.

Own your mistakes, but more importantly this isn’t the time to point out his.

Think of it like a business proposal for love! You are the one that wants him back, so most of the crow will have to be eaten on your end.

Actions speak louder than words with Virgo Men, so avoid empty promises.

Do not say you will do something or change if you are not capable at this time.

For example, did money issues lead to the breakup?

If you promise to be more responsible with money, make sure you have a plan to follow through.

Now’s is your time to shine with clear and honest communication.

Virgo men appreciate a reliable partner.

Remember, Virgo men crave order and predictability. Don’t expect him to jump back into a whirlwind romance.

He will take his time and process all the new changes you’ve negotiated.

Give him space to process his emotions and respect his need for routine. He may wander a bit, but not too far if your love is strong enough.

Once you have him back on the hook, it’s time for you to rekindle that mental spark!

Engage him in stimulating conversations about some of his favorite topics.

These conversations will remind him why he was first drawn to you in the first place.

So in summary, the gameplan is:

Appealing to his logic & his desire for a reliable partner.

A genuine approach and a commitment to growth are the secret ingredients to winning back a discerning Virgo man.

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What Astrological Signs are Compatible with Virgo Men?

Based solely off of the Zodiac, I like to pair the following women with Virgo Men…

  • Taurus Women
  • Cancer Women
  • Pisces Women

In my experience, Taurus Women understands Virgo Men’s need for stability and creature comforts.

There will be some challenges, as with all relationships.

But, they’ll both enjoy creating a beautiful, harmonious home base, savoring delicious meals, and taking pride in shared goals.

Their union is a strong one.

Taurus Women’s sensuality and patience can balance a Virgo Man’s analytical mind, fostering a deep and secure connection.

I also like Cancer Women for Virgo Men. Cancer Women provide the emotional security Virgo Men crave.

A Cancer Woman’s empathy allows them to navigate the Virgo Man’s sometimes critical nature, offering emotional support and understanding.

In return, Virgo Men’s practicality and loyalty create a safe haven for a Cancer Woman’s sensitive soul.

Together, they can build a haven filled with emotional warmth and mutual respect. It’s the classic masculine/feminine relationship.

And here’s my curveball.

The opposite sign, Pisces Woman, can also be a great match for a Virgo Man.

For much of the same reasons I mentioned for Cancer Women.

Pisces Women’s dreamy idealism can spark a Virgo Man’s creativity and inspire them to see the world through a new lens.

A Pisces Woman has the ability to open a Virgo Man’s heart and mind.

Virgo Men, in turn, grounds Pisces Women’s sometimes-scattered energy, offering a sense of structure and stability.

That structure and stability is what Pisces Women need. desperately.

Their differences create a fascinating dynamic where they can learn and grow from each other, fostering a beautiful connection built on mutual understanding.


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