What Men think about Marriage: REALLY

Key Takeaways

  • Men in their 20s are generally not thinking about marriage. They are focused on figuring out their lives and having fun. While some may desire a lifelong partnership later, they prioritize independence in their twenties.
  • Men in their 30s become more open to marriage. They prioritize emotional compatibility and clear communication over passion. They are looking to build a secure future with someone who shares their values.
  • Men in their 40s have a more nuanced view on marriage. Some see it as a safe harbor, while others prioritize their independence. By now they are clear about what they want in a partner.
  • Communication is key. Talking about marriage with a man in his thirties is more likely to be productive than with a man in his twenties.

What Men Think about Marriage?

Let’s picture this. You’re staring into the eyes of the man you love, picturing a future together.

But wait, why hasn’t he popped the quest yet. Is there something wrong with you? Is there something wrong with him? Is marriage even on his radar?

Stop going through his Google history and stalking his sister online. In this video, I will answer the burning question.

What do men really think about marriage?

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Men in their 20’s

In my twenties, I approach marriage with a mix of cautious curiosity, distant possibility.

I was just trying to have some fun and figure out what I was going to do with my life. A monogamous commitment wasn’t even on my mind.

Cohabitation and living together is really just an experiment at that time.

Even though not all of them had a happy ending, those experiences helped to shape my understanding of relationships. Don’t get me wrong.

The desire for lifelong partnerships started to simmer beneath the surface in my late twenties, but there was some hesitation because I didn’t wanna lose my independence.

I wasn’t prepared for such a significant commitment just yet. On one hand, I had family and societal pressures to settle down.

On the other hand, I had own need for independence. When a guy is stuck in this cycle, this is not the best time to ask him to settle down.

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I just felt like my early twenties was too soon. Late twenties was my sweet spot. But some guys need a little more time.

Men in their 30’s

Guys in their thirties approach marriage with a complex mix of desire and anxiety 80.

They don’t necessarily hear the clock ticking at 30, but by their mid thirties, the snooze button stops working on the alarm clock.

Unlike in our twenties, we’re at least starting to be open to the ability and partnership marriage offers.

At this point, we’ve dated enough and the emotionally intelligent among us knows what works and what doesn’t.

We have a firm grasp of compatibility at this point, so not just about settling down.

It’s about building a secure future we can share with someone special.

We’re seeking someone who aligns with our values and can be a supportive partner.

Studies suggest that men in their thirties prioritize clear communication and emotional compatibility.

Men in their thirties value honesty and open dialogue over the passionate fireworks we were looking for in our twenties.

Of course, that’s generally speaking. Some men in their thirties might be hesitant due to past relationship experiences or financial concerns.

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Some are still not ready because they fear that commitment will put an end to their individual freedom.

Those are the guys that give you a promise ring instead of an engagement ring.

Ultimately, the male perspective on marriage in this age group is better than in our twenties. This is the age most guys are ready to settle down.

Most of the partying is out of our system, and we’re more responsible because of the lessons learned in our twenties.

A guy in his thirties is more open to marriage than when in his twenties, so be patient.

Talking about marriage when he’s in his thirties won’t make him run away like it would if he was in his twenties.

For men in their forties and older, marriage occupies a complex space.

Our twenties were driven by exploration.

Our thirties was focused on building stability.

Men in their 40’s

But by our forties, we grapple with a nuanced perspective shaped by life experiences.

In other words, We are who we are. Don’t try to change a guy in his forties.

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If you’re a single woman over 40, it’s hard to find a guy that hasn’t been married at least once by that age.

So there’s gonna be some that comes with that, some men see marriage as a safe harbor, especially amidst midlife transitions.

They are comfortable in a marriage, which is why it doesn’t scare them to try and try again. However, not all men over 40 yearn for marriage.

Some still prioritize their personal freedom. As a woman looking to get married, you have to learn to recognize these men if you want to be happy.

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What do men really think about marriage

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